Import sample data

After installing the YTTheme and the YTFramework plugin. Demo data file is included in installation package (../YTTheme Package/Sample data/ You can install the demo data by following these steps:

Important Note: When installing demo data, all your old data will be lost. Therefore, you should backup all your data before proceeding to import demo data.
If you want to use YTTheme and your old data, please install Option (see instructions here)

1. To YTFramework Dashboard from the menu on the left.

2. Select the data file to install

You have 3 options here:

– Option 1 – Upload package data: With this option, you just need to select the data file to import (, YTFramework will automatically upload to your server / hosting.

– Option 2 – Select file from server: With this option, you can use FTP, CPanel to upload the data file to the server / hosting. The directory to contain the sample data files is ../wp-content/uploads/yt-data/.
Note: after installing the theme, YTFramework automatically copies the sample data file to the / yt-data / directory.

– Option 3 – Select folder from server: In case your server / hosting doesn’t support extracting .zip files, you will do the following.
+ Create folder:  ../wp-content/uploads/yt-data/your-folder/
+ Extract the sample data file ( and upload all the files in it to the directory ../wp-content/uploads/yt-data/your-folder/ on the server / hosting
+ Select the folder ‘your-folder’ to install.
Once selected, click on ‘Install sample data’ to install.

3. Regenerate thumbnails

After importing the demo data, you Regenerate thumbnails to get the image sizes suitable for YTTheme.