Introduce YT-Theme

YT-Theme, is a breakthrough WordPress template. With many features supported by Elementor plugin and especially YTFramework plugin, you will feel friendly and extremely easy to change style according to your own style. With an extremely flexible layout, it is easy to add elements in a variety of positions, covering all your composition requirements.

YTFramework – is a plugin developed exclusively for YT-Theme. You will certainly be satisfied with the great features it brings, such as: changing the layout, extension for WooCommercy, extension for Elementor, SEO, optimization, … YTFramework doesn’t stop here, it’s still being developed by us. There will be more new and unique features in the next versions.

YT-Theme is optimized to always operate with the highest performance on any platform. SEO is one of the strengths of YT-Theme. With years of experience in the SEO, YT-Theme has a perfect structure and is suitable for most of current search engines. Your website easily get absolute SEO scores on LighThouse or other scoring systems.

YT-Theme is a system of Theme-options, help you to change website layout with just one click. Theme-option is a separate concept of YT-Theme, it includes Header, Footer, Home page, sidebar, extra page content, … and Settings such as typography, layout, … Theme-option will be developed by us and updated weekly to give you more options. Especially, with just one ‘Create option‘ operation, you can create your own Theme-option and you can use it on any website that uses YT-Theme.

There are many, many great things about YT-Theme I would like to share with you, but it will take a lot of your time and I think that is not a good idea. Trust me, YT-Theme is a template you won’t want to leave out.

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